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(Personal) Confusion


Well there are alot of things that of through my mind every morning when I wake up. Usually, my first thought is what am I going to do about this problem. I promised a friend (refer to as Nick) that I wouldn’t tell another friend (refer to as Candy) a secret (that I wont say ;)). But, every morning and every night I just keep thinking should I go behind Nick’s back and tell Candy but, I always say I’m going to think about it the next day and the next day. I feel that I should tell Candy, but my conscience isn’t letting me say anything because I would never do anything behind his back. Also, once Candy told me something and specifically said not to tell Nick, I kept my mouth shut, however, I was on the verge of telling him. I would always ask my other friends what should I do and they always tell me that they cant help in this kind of situation. But everyday when I’m watching “They Kiss Again” I wished that life were a drama and it would be happy most of the time, but if life were a drama it wouldn’t be life anymore. People make mistakes and sometimes are hanging from a cliff, some fall, but others pull themselves up. When you see a person that is happy you think that they have a good life and everything is easy, but that’s just what they want to show you. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

*Wow…. O.o how did this turn into some kind of weird teaching session? O.o eh.. I guess I was just telling the world what I thought and what some people don’t see.


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