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It Started With A Kiss Manga and Drama

It Started With A Kiss Manga and Drama

There have been a alot of rumors regarding the final installment of “It Started With A Kiss” or as others know it as “The Last Kiss.” Will it be made? Well, it is still unconfirmed, but I believe there is a high possibility there will be ISWAK 3. Since the director wants to stick with the manga story and the writer of the manga died people thought there wouldn’t be an ending, but the writers husband knew what the ending was and the ending has been revealed. Also at the end of “They Kiss Again” there was a banner that said “To Be Continued.”

Rumors say that filming will begin in November 2009 and will start airing at the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010. The script so far has 12 episodes. Rumor has it that there will be more marriage problems, Xiang Qin’s blindness cure, and Xiang Qin getting pregnant with twins!

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Yoobin and SS501 team up


I just watched the SS501 Collection Episodes… both of them. The first one being almost 10mins and the second being about 20 (The full drama music video). It was seriously interesting! Actually… I was scared at times ><. But that’s not the point :), the girl in the MV was Yoobin ? I doubt it, I would’ve heard about it, but she does look like her.

Well, on the left we have the girl from the video and on the left is Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls. See the similarities ? Or am I the blind one ?

Oh and check out the video (the second episode, it’s the full version so it includes episode one scenes in it):

*Video credits to shirbogurl21@Youtube

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