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Song Discovery #3 – A kpop teletubbies remake


New Song: Mad by Bada feat. Untouchable

Honestly, I think this song sounds like something from teletubbies, but more hip. I’m a fan on Untouchable… but I don’t like them in this song. I’d like to get someone else’s opinioné (yesh, I made that up :), means opinion) comment below and I’ll do a happy dance to some kpop song ^^.


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Song Discovery #2: New group “Sunny Side” plagiarizes?


New song: 아프죠 (It Hurts) by Sunny Side feat. After School

A new rapping duo named “Sunny Side,” just debuted and they’ve released their first single titled “아프죠 / It Hurts” on August 6th. This single features three members from the sexy girl group After School. More specifically Jung-Ah, So Young and Joo Yeon. Sunny Side is consisted of two male members named Myung Joon and Master Chang, besides that not much is known about these rookies.

The song is pretty upbeat and pretty catchy, I don’t think it’ll launch Sunny Side into super stardom but they should gather a pretty good following. Sunny Side have released two versions of the MV, one featuring the three After School girls recording with them in the studio and the other just a regular run-of-the-mill video. Thanks to Zarema for the tip!

Source: allkpop,com


***Note: I just googled for the download, it’s not my upload. It clearly states who uploaded it :P.

Video with Afterschool:

Thanks to AfterSchoolCraze@Youtube for the upload vid.

However, when googling for the song, I kept results for the lyrics of a song called “Never Cryin’ When It Hurts” by whoever Sunny Side Up is. Similarity ? Coincidental ? Very much so.

I cant tell you if the lyrics are similar… because I can’t understand one of the songs ;).

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Song Discovery #1


A new topic I’m introducing for songs I’ve just discovered or hearing for the first time. Whether they’re old or more recent, I’ll post my discoveries in case anyone wants to hear something new :).

Moving on, I’ve just listened to “Miracle” (from SBS program “I like Sunday-Banjun Drama” by May (not MayBee), but more recently known as U.

It’s a soft, slow paced, slow tempo song. I can’t say I love it or hate it.

I give it ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4 of 10 stars) on a general note (based on my taste’s of course).

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The undisclosed english version of Big Bang’s “Sunset Glow”


And you can see it’s not Big Bang who’s performing it, instead three 16y.o Asian guys from Canada who call themselves 3rd Degree. The vocals and rapping aren’t that bad, they don’t hurt my ear drums much. But hey, at least they’re cute.

They should be with these comments:


XDDD LOL I LUV U GUYS!!! This clip was sooo funny/cute XDD ur singing is good 😀 and u guys r really cute. I reckon one of u looks like Daesung, and another looks like Onew from SHINee 😀 – DRIBB13@YT

Hehe, I kinda agree with the second comment. What do you think ?

*Video and info credits to ThumpingPenguin@youtube

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Yoobin and SS501 team up


I just watched the SS501 Collection Episodes… both of them. The first one being almost 10mins and the second being about 20 (The full drama music video). It was seriously interesting! Actually… I was scared at times ><. But that’s not the point :), the girl in the MV was Yoobin ? I doubt it, I would’ve heard about it, but she does look like her.

Well, on the left we have the girl from the video and on the left is Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls. See the similarities ? Or am I the blind one ?

Oh and check out the video (the second episode, it’s the full version so it includes episode one scenes in it):

*Video credits to shirbogurl21@Youtube

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Danson Tang Addiction


Song Addictions:
~ Qing Bao (Intelligence) – Danson Tang
~ Xin Ge (Apologize) – Danson Tang
~ Ai Wo (Love Me) – Danson Tang

Yeah, I know I am a Danson Tang fan O.o, but I just recently discovered him through my Asian drama addiction of “It Started With A Kiss” (ISWAK) and “They Kiss Again” (TKA or ISWAK 2). 😀 It’s an awesome (Taiwanese) series! Go and watch it with English subs at! 🙂

Download Qing Bao By Danson Tang at:

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What I’m listening to


This is what I’m currently listening to on my iPod :).

1) 쿨하게 헤어지는 방법 – 김진표 ( Feat.잔디 )

2) 말 좀 해 줘 – Supreme Team ( Feat.Soulman )

3) . Simple Love – Mc몽 ( Feat.나비 )

4) 궁금해 가끔 – 배치기 ( Feat.구인회 Of Mac )

5) 사랑을 느낄때… – Verbal Jint ( Feat.Koffee)

6) 기억과 추억 (Memory and Remembrance) – Kim Tae Woo(feat. 준형, 호영, 데니)

7) 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman) – F.T Island

8) 情报 (Qing Bao) – Danson 唐禹哲 (Danson Tang)

9) 바래(Ver.2) – F.T Island

10) Afraid – St.하루 (St. Day)

11) Maybe – Bobby Kim

12) Big Boy – TOP (solo)

13) 외톨이 (Alone) – 아웃사이더 (Outsider)

14) Far Away (Rap Ver.) – R.Tripper

Mostly, Kpop, some songs are a little old, however some are debuts of new artists :).


By the way, if you love some of these songs, then you should be in heaven with this CD (although it was released back in April, I just discovered it a month ago ;)).

Blue Brand – 12 Doors


01 . 쿨하게 헤어지는 방법 – 김진표 ( Feat.잔디 )
02 . 말 좀 해 줘 – Supreme Team ( Feat.Soulman )
03 . Simple Love – Mc몽 ( Feat.나비 )
04 . 궁금해 가끔 – 배치기 ( Feat.구인회 Of Mac )
05 . 사랑을 느낄때… – Verbal Jint ( Feat.Koffee)
06 . Spring Spring – 조pd ( Feat.Maybee )
07 . 아픈 번호 – 길 Of 리쌍
08 . I Got U – Crown J ( Feat.Dok2, 샛별)
09 . Million Dollar Baby – Mc스나이퍼
10 . Ladies’ Night – Miss.$ ( Feat. Solflower )
11 . 마지막 거짓말 – 장근이 & Joy
12 . 감기 – Icon ( Feat.Joy )
13 . Yesterday Bluebrand ( Feat. Red Roc, 샛별)

DL Link: Coming Soon

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