Key (SHINee) is a hairy beast


I saw this pic of recently, and I was like “OMG.. he has such hairy legs!” Looking at his legs creep me out >.< So, Key from SHINee and shorts… doesn’t create a fangirl moment for me. More like a… “ew, I just puked a little” sorta moment.

Or maybe that’s a little dramatic :).


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  1. 1

    not an anti,not a fan said,

    r u out of ur mind?!! he’s a man anyway… i can undrstand if u yell dat out to a woman… but for a man?!!

    • 2

      x said,

      yeah…for a man…to have hairy legs are normal…isn’t it? why does dat b an issue for u? give him a’s alrdy too exhausting for him being an idol…

  2. 3

    Sofiie_xD said,

    THat nothing compared to the guys at my skool …

  3. 4

    Trichechus said,

    Isn’t leg hair a GOOD thing? You know, Asians lack it. Big time.

  4. 5

    yumi said,

    hes growing into a man.. its normal 4 men to have hair on legs == besides hu cares if he has hair on his legs every guy i know has it too only worst like gorilla X-X

  5. 6

    dfhud said,

    Key rock

  6. 7

    ReilaLess said,

    i understand you XD
    but~ yeah, it’s normal for men to have hair on his theis legs 😀
    but, i think i understand you because i prefer hairless(?) men~
    you know~ men who almost doesn’t have hair on their skin XD
    or~ men who pluck their legs xD
    BUT… only trans do things like that XD and some gays, drag queens…
    =/… we have to down to earth xD

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