Lee Byung Hun can slice you to pieces



OVERALL: LEE BYUNG HUN KICKED MAJOR ASS IN THIS AMERICAN MOVIE !!! I didn’t know he was that hot… he took off his shirt… xD. Now you must see it. (Time to get down to the dirty, read below :P).

So as some of you know, Korean actor Lee Byung Hun plays Storm Shadow (the ninja always dressed in all white) in the new movie GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra. I went to see the movie today, and of course I looked out for him. Well, I couldn’t miss him if I wanted to anyway, the only guy constantly dressed in all white, with ninja moves… and his very super slight accent. I thought he did pretty good for his first American movie. The acting wasn’t bad, but I thought it could’ve been a bit more natural maybe, his super slight accent kinda distracted me (then again, I might have ADD), but he seems pretty fluent in English. The action scenes between him and his nemesis Snake Eyes (the ninja always dressed in black and played by Ray Park) were really good, they used techniques from their martial arts backgrounds (Park – WuShu, Lee – Taekwondo-based) to sorta guide the stunt guys on the differences in style.I give credit to Lee, handled that sword well for a first timer. Also, I heard both actors got along great, despite that they’re trying to go after each other’s throats in the movie. So, I recommend everyone to go watch this movie :), I watched it for the guys… and the action of course ;), Channing Tatum ^^.


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    Casmut said,

    Oooh! You feel the same way I do! When he took off that shirt–oh gawd. I about fainted of a nosebleed. XD And yes, great sword work and fluency! A man never looked so good in white. *-*

  2. 2

    i like Chaning Tatum because eventhough he has a bulky body, he can still dance so well :

  3. 3

    i like chaning tatum because he has a great body, just look at those chest muscles ,.-

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